Application of Palermo’s nightlife regulation suspended

The application of the nightlife regulation in Palermo has been suspended. The Administrative Court has accepted a appeal from a company operating in the betting sector. The appeal complains about the prejudice that the new regulation brings to the economic activity, with the risk of having to reduce staff. The hearing for the discussion in the Tar chamber is scheduled for next Thursday, April 11th.

“We are confident that the nightlife regulation will withstand the scrutiny of the administrative judges,” says the Councilor for Business Activities of the Municipality, Giuliano Forzinetti. “In the worst case scenario, the specific aspects concerning betting shops will be regulated by a specific ordinance. The Council of State and numerous other rulings have supported the legitimacy of the actions of municipal administrations in reducing opening hours as a way of combating gambling addiction. We are confident that the framework of our regulation will be confirmed.”

Sospesa l’applicazione del regolamento movida a Palermo

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