Antimafia ban lifted from Vittoria company, businesswoman’s 4-year ordeal

A Vittoria-based company has won a four-year legal battle against an anti-mafia interdiction order. The order was issued by the Prefecture of Ragusa due to the criminal activities of the woman’s father and husband. While the woman has had no contact with her father for years, he has decided to cooperate with the authorities. Her husband, on the other hand, is currently on trial for organized crime incidents dating back to 2007. The Administrative Court has criticized several aspects of the interdiction order, including the fact that the relevant evidence is over a decade old. The Court also highlights that the woman’s entire family is now a part of the witness protection program. The decision of the second-level court signals the end of the legal ordeal for the entrepreneur, whose business has continued to operate despite the interdiction.

Nulla l’interdittiva antimafia a un’azienda di Vittoria, l’imprenditrice: 4 anni di calvario

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