Anticovid checks in the Agrigento area, 68 fines high

Another barrage of fines, in the province of Agrigento, for violations of the anti-Covid rules. Over the past weekend, checks were intensified by the State Police, Arma dei Carabinieri and Guardia di Finanza, together with local police officers, aimed at ensuring compliance with the regulatory provisions issued to combat diffusion. of the virus.

3,729 people were checked, and 68 sanctions were raised, almost all of which cost 400 euros. The commercial activities subject to verification were 901, and 9 high penalties, and in one case the closure of the working activity for a period of five days was ordered.

Also in the next few days, with Sicily in the orange zone, but several Agrigento municipalities in the red zone, the controls will continue to affect the provincial territory, with particular regard to the most critical areas, such as those of historic centers, commercial areas and localities maritime, as well as in all those areas characterized by frequent phenomena of gathering.

The prefect Maria Rita Cocciufa, renews to the citizens the invitation to the maximum sense of responsibility, and calls once again “to respect the government prescriptions for the prevention of contagion, especially with regard to interpersonal distances and the correct use of the mask”.

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