“Another stretch opened to reach Caltanissetta in a few minutes”: ilSicilia.it

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Today, the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Sustainable Infrastructure and Mobility Hon. Giancarlo Cancelleri carried out an inspection on the SS 640.

The Undersecretary’s objective is to constantly monitor the progress of the works on this strategic infrastructure for Sicily and his presence is punctual when each section is open to traffic: “La SS 640 is destined to connect Agrigento to the Palermo-Catania motorway and further steps will soon be taken so that the last section concerning the former fast track 640 can be delivered by the end of next year. There are only 7 kilometers left to complete! Today we have officially opened another section of the new road, namely the one that will allow motorists arriving from the A 19 to approach the city of Caltanissetta in a few minutes, and thus reach via Borremans without any interruption “.

In the eyes of the Undersecretary, the enthusiasm and pride of seeing the construction sites of an infrastructure that has remained stationary for too long, even if indispensable for the viability of the Sicilians, are reborn and working. Accompanying the Undersecretary in the inspection, in addition to the Anas technicians, the Regional Councilor for Infrastructure Marco Falcone and the newly appointed extraordinary commissioner Raffaele Celia, in charge of giving a further acceleration to the continuation and completion of the entire work.

“The last 7 kilometers still to be completed – added the representative of the Government – a year and a half ago we found a stopped and abandoned construction site, no one would have bet on the resumption of work, so today I am here to tell the territory a ransom that was due to them and until the work is completed I will monitor the works and tell to the Sicilians how the commitment and the presence on the territory can materialize in factthe”.

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