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Another Palermo to Tali and what shows: from Carlo Conti Luca Buttiglieri in the role of Mika

A man from Palermo on the stage of Tali and what show , the Saturday night broadcast of RaiUno conducted by Carlo Conti. It is Luca Buttiglieri , who played the role of Mika and performed with Grace Kelly, the workhorse of the Lebanese-born singer.

Buttiglieri, who was born in Palermo but has been living in Bologna for years where he studies singing and acting, obtained the fourth position, winning the favor of the public and jurors.

For Lauretta, fourth special judge of the third episode aired yesterday (22 January), Buttiglieri deserved the highest step on the podium. The Palermo performer physically resembles the singer-songwriter very much. And if Carlo Conti emphasized the “beautiful choreography”, Loretta Goggi defined Buttiglieri as extraordinary. Cristiano Malgioglio, on the other hand, welcomed it in a rather lukewarm way, labeling it with a “pleasant but not perfect”. An opinion that, however, did not please the public present.

Here is the ranking of the third episode of Tali and which shows: first Gianfranco Lacchi (Gianni Morandi), second Simona Ranucci (Loredana Berté), third Luca Sperindio (Zucchero). A step below the podium, precisely, the Palermo Luca Buttiglieri.

In recent weeks other Sicilians have also been protagonists of Carlo Conti’s program: Carmelo Lucibello , 31 year old from Mascali, who imitated Giuliano Sangiorgi; another Palermo, Ivano Passarello , had taken the field with Vasco Rossi and “Colpa d’Alfredo”. In the first episode of the broadcast, however, Sicily was instead represented by the Syracusan Lorenzo Amore , who with an imitation of Mahmood had climbed to the third step of the podium.

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