another Centrale in the sign of Criss Cross

Editorial Staff 05 September 2021 11:16

Another power plant in the name of Criss Cross, this time led by Porzio jr. The 3-year-old indigenous triumphs in the race starting at the ribbons despite starting with a handicap of 40 meters, second place for Cagliostro led by Gaspare Lo Verde. Completing the podium of the highlight of yesterday’s conference (September 4th) is Clio (L. Mancuso). In the other races excellent performances for A. Di Chiara with Cante Chico and L. Messineo with Amsik Rg. While waiting for horse racing fans to return to cheer from the stands, many follow the races from the Facebook page of the La Favorita racecourse ( and on Unire Tv. despite the stop of many years, the love and passion for the horses of the Palermitans has remained intact. (Attached photo by Maria Luisa Ferraro) Below are the results of the seven scheduled races First Race
1 N.8 Utopia Jet A.Giannola 1.15
2 N.1 Aunt Paola Jet
3 N.9 Zirkovia Cis Second Race
1 N.14 Dancing Ferm G.Lo Verde 1.16.6
2 N.1 Dulche De Leche
3 N.7 Dionysus Third Race
1 N.7 Cante Chico A. Di Chiara 1.15.9
2 N.6 Caceres
3 N.2 Carlotta Di Gaia Fourth Race
1 N.12 Amsik Rg L.Messineo 1.15.1
2 N.10 Zeta Cash
3 N.9 Salmon Roc Fifth Race (CENTRAL)
1 N.6 Criss Cross G.Porzio Jr. 1.16.1
2 N.3 Cagliostro
3 N.1 Clio Sixth Race
1 N.3 Borgogal G.Lo Verde 1.15.1
2 N.5 Brunhilde
3 No.7 Borislav Mabel Settima Corsa
1 N.2 Voici As D.Di Maio 1.16.7
2 N.5 Akthar Op
3 N.4 Aura Club Mail

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