Another 9 days to hope for the yellow zone in Sicily: from 17 May everything can change, even the curfew

Another effort is required of Sicily: it will have to remain in the orange zone for another nine days. A “promotion” that allows for the long-awaited reopening will not be possible before May 17th.

As in Sardinia and Valle D’Aosta, which together with the island are now the only regions waiting to leave, bars, restaurants, cinemas and theaters will still remain closed and it will be possible to move only within the municipality.

Sicily will face another 9 days in the orange zone despite having yellow numbers. The confirmation came yesterday from the outcome of the monitoring of the Ministry of Health and the Higher Institute of Health (Iss), relating to the period April 26 – May 2. According to the report, the health risk of the island goes from “moderate” to “low” and from “a type 2 scenario” to a “type one scenario”. The Rt of Sicily, essential for establishing the color, fell below 1, therefore below the value that determines the orange area, settling at 0.85 with an average value of 0.89 in line with the national one.

Intensive care beyond the critical threshold of 30%

But it is not only RT that improves in Sicily, good news also comes from the other parameters evaluated by the experts, namely the weekly trend of infections, the saturation rate of hospital beds. All figures are decreasing as well as the incidence of infections, from 146 to 129 cases per 100 thousand inhabitants.

Numbers from the yellow zone, but according to the 14-day rule written in an article by the Dpcm last March, the passage of the range can only occur if the data are consolidated for two consecutive weeks. So Sicily, if there are no sudden spikes in infections, will be able to rediscover the yellow color starting from Monday 17 May.

From that day on, bars and restaurants, cinemas and theaters will be able to reopen, you will be able to move freely from one municipality to another on the island and probably (but it is a novelty that concerns all of Italy), the curfew time will be reduced which at the moment it is a source of tension within the majority. With the League continuing to ask for it to be overcome and the rigorist wing of the government holding back – supported by experts since yesterday the director of prevention of the Ministry of Health Gianni Rezza reiterated the need for “maximum caution” – the ‘all home’ is likely to be postponed to 11pm or midnight.

But there are other news on the horizon. The Regions, in fact, ask to review the parameters that determine the color changes, starting from RT, the index of spread of the virus: “It is not very reliable and must be overcome”, they say. The monitoring of the Ministry of Health confirms the slow and constant improvement of the epidemiological situation, with the incidence falling to 127 cases per 100 thousand inhabitants, even if for the second consecutive week the RT rises slightly and at national level it is now at 0.89 . But the fundamental data will be those of next week, when the first effects of the reopening of April 26 will be seen, with the real risk that the RT returns above 1 in some regions of Italy. For this reason, the presidents ask that the transmissibility index of the virus is no longer among the parameters that decide the color change. “It is the first thing to overcome, it is not very reliable. The index to be taken into consideration is the hospital Rt, which shows whether hospitalization requests increase or decrease” says the president of the Conference of Regions Massimiliano Fedriga according to whom the real risk is that, with a low incidence, few infections cause Rt to shoot up. Friuli, he explains, “had the highest RT in August 2020, we reached 3 because we went from 4 to 18 infections.

Other changes in view of the summer could come from the vaccine front. Fedriga, in fact, announces “a confrontation with Commissioner Figliuolo” to verify if those who have had the first dose can be reminded on vacation. In short, where he will be on holiday and not in the place of residence.

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