Angelo Reina, already reported for stalking, murdered his ex-partner in Mazara.

The tragic event that shocked not only two families, Marisa Leo and her ex-partner Angelo Reina, but the entire province of Trapani, has details that have emerged. The incident put an end to a long-standing situation between the two, which led Marisa to break off the relationship to protect the life of her child. In 2020, Leo had also filed a stalking complaint against Reina with the police. Reina refused to accept the end of the relationship and had been tormenting Marisa for some time. She continued to work protected by her colleagues and employers. Marisa was known for being a loving and caring mother, and everyone remembers her for her friendly manner and smile. Angelo also appeared carefree in the photos he posted on his social media profiles throughout the years. He loved traveling, reading, and sports. There are several images on his 42-year-old Instagram profile of him holding his daughter, who is now orphaned by both parents. The last photo of Angelo Reina, visible on his IG profile where he was tagged, is from 2022, showing him kiteboarding in Marsala.

Ha ucciso l’ex compagna a Mazara, Angelo Reina era già stato denunciato per stalking

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