Angelo Accardi’s ‘poetic guerrilla’ arrives in Palermo with the work “Fuck”

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Angelo Accardi is a contemporary artist, exponent of Pop Surrealism, known in the international market for his “Misplaced”, environments such as museums, galleries and urban scenes, invaded by colorful ostriches whose presence in his visionary staging generates a feeling of alienation.

Angelo Accardi’s “poetic guerrilla”

Accardi is the promoter of a “poetic guerrilla” which, simultaneously, on Friday 25 March will bring to Palermo, Milan and Venice a monumental sculpture representing the word “FUCK” and which ideally forms a trilogy inaugurated by Robert Indiana with his iconic “LOVE “And” HOPE “.

The promoters of the initiative

The Federico II Foundation, together with the Municipality of Palermo, embraced the idea of ​​Angelo Accardi, and shared his message of rebellion that aspires to freedom that has positive social repercussions.

The “Fuck” opera in Palermo, Venice and Milan

The work “FUCK” made of enameled metal, (dimensions 340 x 210 x 390 cm) will be simultaneously placed in Villa Bonanno in front of the Royal Palace in Palermo, in Palazzo Balbi Valier overlooking the Grand Canal in Venice, in Milan from 25 March to 3 April at the Certosa Graphic Village on the occasion of the Milano Graphic Festival and from 4 to 30 April at the BASE.

Sculpture at Villa Bonanno

And so, in Palermo, at Villa Bonanno, right in the heart of the Cassaro, the oldest quadrilateral in the city, one of these three imposing sculptures will be set up.

Daily rebellion that releases creative energy

“Fuck” is for Accardi “a detonator through which anyone can relaunch their daily rebellion that aspires to freedom, a rebellion that does not make victims or prisoners, but frees the creative energy that our lifestyle prevents us from expressing.
My goal today is above all to represent a liberating scream that removes negativities from contemporary society, with its contradictions, injustices and emergencies of these days and that make our life an incubator of anger “.

Miccichè: “Screaming no to an illogical conflict”

“Angelo Accardi’s work – declares Gianfranco Miccichè, President of the Federico II Foundation and President of Ars – puts the citizen-user back at the center of the scene.
He becomes a priority in a very difficult historical moment with a war almost behind the front door.
With a language understandable to all, he shouts his no to an illogical conflict that is leaving millions of victims.
Accardi uses his energies to meet the public at his home, in his city, in his gardens and in his squares.
And this is an operation with an extraordinary force of language “.

Orlando: “Free art without places or borders”

“Art is sharing, by definition it is open, free, – says Leoluca Orlando, mayor of Palermo – it must not have places or borders.
And I believe that Poetry fully embodies these values.
The work that comes out of the museums and goes into the squares, meets people, lets itself be touched.
An extraordinary experience that enriches the panorama and the artistic-cultural offer of the city of Palermo which confirms its great attractiveness in this sense.
I express my heartfelt thanks to the artist Angelo Accardi and to all the promoters of this initiative “.

Monterosso: “The invasion of public art for urban regeneration”

“FUCK is an installation, almost an invasion of public art, – underlines Patrizia Monterosso, director general of the Federico II Foundation – conceived by the artist Angelo Accardi as a call to creative arms proposed by the art world, articulated and finalized to the realization of public art interventions and urban regeneration.
The Federico II Foundation, which has always been sensitive to civic action projects, two events for everyone such as Acqua Passata and Inside out, could only collaborate and welcome Poetry with favor and passion “.

Zito: “Message of hope and a symbol of peace”

“Angelo Accardi’s sculpture proposed at Villa Bonanno – says Mario Zito, Councilor for Culture of the municipality of Palermo – is a message of hope, a symbol of peace, for a positive future, a moment of sharing in equal human rights.
In this unprecedented context, Culture does not stop, on the contrary it is fully involved, to keep alive the memory of those who today live a tormented moment, victims of a human tragedy, renewing attention to a civil memory ”.

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