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“And you shine Palermo”, the second list of Ferrandelli as candidate for mayor of Palermo

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Fabrizio Ferrandelli’s race for mayor of Palermo continues and presents the second list in his support: “And you shine Palermo”.
The presentation of Ferrandelli’s second list is scheduled for April 6 during a press conference in the Mauro Rostagno hall of Palazzo delle Aquile at 10.30.
“This list comes from afar – explains Fabrizio Ferrandelli – and is the natural evolution of the project that we launched in November last year, when we presented a report that illustrated all the criticalities of our city.
On that occasion, we talked about how Palermo was at the bottom of the ranking of Italian cities for several indicators of a social and economic nature, in short, of quality of life.
But this has never been a reason to give up, quite the contrary “.

The second list for Ferrandelli

“We have chosen to call this list with a quote from Pier Paolo Pasolini,“ And here they teach you not to shine.
And you shine instead !, because this is the time to focus on solving the problems of this wonderful city.
This, therefore, is a civic list for those who feel ready to make their contribution to Palermo ”.

The first list has already been made official

In recent days Ferrandelli had already presented the symbol of his first list for the next administrative in Palermo during an event in which the exponent of the + Europe-Action federation exposed the key points of the program and the political perimeter in which moves his candidacy for mayor of the Sicilian capital.
Ferrandelli had also reiterated his no to a wide field of the center-left.
“In November we had open to all political forces to sit together around a program and only then indicate a candidate.
It seems to me that the opposite has happened in the political forces.
It started with full names, without a program.
We do not understand on what basis they are putting together.
But where have these gentlemen been in the last five years? ”.
These are his words.