“And I will hand over my resignation as coordinator of Forza Italia directly to Gianfranco Miccichè” – EnnaOra

by Josè Trova

Leonforte. “I resign from the office of deputy mayor, city councilor, provincial secretary of the Italian Federation of General Practitioners. Also this week I will go to Palermo where I will hand over my resignation from the position of provincial coordinator of Forza Italia to the regional coordinator Gianfranco Miccichè”. Doctor Salvo Campione leaves politics. He announced this during a small meeting in his studio in the presence of a few friends, including the mayor of Leonforte Carmelo Barbera and the provincial coordinator of Forza Italia youth Nino Ginardi.

“I started doing politics when I was very young, already in 1992 with the DC I was a municipal councilor in Leonforte, then I joined in the majority with the administration that belonged to the mayor Gianni D’Anna, towards whom I have enormous personal esteem, except to leave it, not recognizing myself in the politics of that junta – Campione reconstructed -. Later I had a wonderful experience in Agira with the mayor Gaetano Giunta, but also there for personal reasons I decided to resign. Today my activity is mainly projected towards medicine, being I am a 118 emergency doctor, where I carry out an edifying, important and essential service, especially in the historical moment that the Planet is experiencing. For this reason, in order to commit myself body and soul to my profession as a rescuer, I have decided to stop this phase of my life dedicated to politics. I leave the baton to the mayor Barbera, in Forza Italia, sure that the commitment of recent years has not been vanished or”.

“Together with the mayor, and before me he did it very well as deputy mayor Nino Ginardi, we worked to understand how to feed the development of a city where you essentially live on a minimum income and citizenship income. We have activated important projects and we have had the courage to declare the economic-financial distress, in order to put a point and be able to start again with strength for the growth of the city. It was an important activity that will remain in Leonforte and that I claim because I feel it too – he concludes -. these years we have worked for legality, transparency in the refusal of any kind of connivance or malfeasance. I want to conclude by addressing an affectionate greeting to all the municipal councilors, majority and opposition, to the municipal employees and to all my dear fellow citizens “.

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