Ance Agrigento: “Stop the electoral catwalks”

“If an entrepreneur, or even a simple citizen, pays taxes late or delivers beyond the deadline set for the obligations, the public bodies will sanction him. Rightly. However, if the State is not as diligent in respecting its rules so that citizens are not deprived for years of an essential service, such as the possibility of enjoying a safe road network, not only does it never pay anyone, but parts of that State also have the arrogance of claiming everything as a result to be celebrated, hiding behind the usual and cloying formula ‘since we’ve been around’ “.

This is the tough stance of the provincial president of Ance Agrigento, Carmelo Salamone, after the reopening – only to light traffic and a single carriageway – of the Akragas viaduct.

“In the past we have repeatedly remarked how you find us totally opposed to any excessive spectacularization of the completion of construction sites – continues Carmelo Salamone – This is even more true if, as in this case, what has been reopened is only a part (as indeed it had happened with the Spinasanta tunnel) of an infrastructure of great importance for provincial and interprovincial roads. Not only. Countless critical issues today afflict the construction sector: from non-payments by public administrations to the recent Simplification Decree which, despite the name, simplifies little or nothing, while the times of bureaucracy are still biblical. Politics, engaged in electoral catwalks as an end in themselves, know that entrepreneurs and citizens do not have nose rings and stop treating the province of Agrigento as a Roman colony. Who will be the next Consul to grant sacrosanct rights for sweet concessions? ”.

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