An unforgettable 2022 for the rosanero: it is the year of the return to Serie B

2022 took away a fantastic year for the rosanero colors, enriched by an unexpected promotion and also by the transfer of ownership. It was the year of Palermo’s return to Serie B, that category it had left following the questionable management of the last few years which ended with the company’s bankruptcy.

A series B which, with a few exceptions, was a championship, relatively, in the first round, very very balanced with various accredited clubs on the eve and which instead disappointed.

Cagliari above all and, until the advent of Gilardino, even Genoa struggled a lot. Now the Ligurian club seems to have found the right path and, given the staff, it will be difficult to miss the promotion. In the face of some disappointments such as Cagliari but also Parma, the championship has recorded some surprises as Fabio Grosso’s Frosinone and Pippo Inzaghi’s Reggina certainly are. With Genoa having climbed back to third place, the standings show that three former world champions, team mates in that Italy that triumphed at the 2006 World Cup, are at the top of the standings. Whether it’s a coincidence or not, the history of the championship will tell, although another former world champion like De Rossi is on the contrary struggling a lot with his Spal.

In this situation of great balance, Palermo, after a first round of ups and downs, is today in a particular position in the standings which sees it in the race for both the top and the bottom; that is, he must watch his back from the hot spot. Just 2 points from the promotion play-off area and a good four points from the playout area, although there are only two teams between the rosanero and the risk area, a situation that must always keep the attention of Corini and his players high.

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