“An ingenuity paid dearly”

Once again the appointment with the victory for Monreale has been postponed and is defeated within the friendly walls against the listed Mazarese with a score of 1-0. The Giallorossi goal scored in the 38th minute by Erbini in a split on Cortese’s tower, directed the story of a balanced match that saw the biancazzurri not disfigure in the presence of an opponent who is not by chance at the top of the standings.

The Monreale coach Rosario Bennardo analyzed the game by spending words of praise for his team beyond the result: The boys gave everything – says the coach at PalermoToday – we have a team of dedicated guys who are intensely committed all week to produce a performance to their full potential. We know we are facing a complicated championship. La Mazarese – continues Bennardo – has had a couple of distance chances on which Ingrassia has made good saves. Then on a lateral foul after our naivety we conceded a goal. We have not been outdone: we have had two or three opportunities face to face with the goalkeeper that we have not been able to realize. Unfortunately. when he is up against a category team equipped to win it is normal that it is difficult to recover even if the boys have given everything. We must not give up – concludes the coach – our goal remains that of salvation and we will try in every way to reach it as soon as possible.