An (immersive) game between sounds and images: “Sicilian Reflections”, the new experience in Palermo

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It is a game of images, sounds and reflections that surround the visitor.

The new immersive installation is called “Sicilian Reflections” which, from 24 March to 18 September 2022comes to life in Palermo in the rooms of the Hall of Mirrors of the Politeama Garibaldi Theater.

The immersive installation was specially set up with the use of latest generation projectors mirrored surfaces on the floor, ceiling and walls The project, the result of the visual and musical work of three artists, represents a unicum in the cultural proposal of the city.

An unprecedented experience, strongly desired by Sicilian Symphony Orchestra Foundation to enhance the wonderful spaces of the Politeama overlooking via Amari, organized with the patronage of the Regional Department of Tourism, Sport and Entertainment and
of the Municipality of Palermo, produced and set up by Sinergie Group Srl, with media partner

The installation takes the form of a journey into an unprecedented and surprising dimension.
For this experience, the Hall of Mirrors becomes a box of reflections that cancels and transforms spatiality into a dimension without borders.
Large three-dimensional sculptures in motion, drapery, symbols, for a work that differs from the classic colors of figurative art, with strong and unusual, almost pop tones.

3D scans of real models, ordinary men and women, whose anatomical details are deliberately blurred as if to remove the identity of the models and dress them, as well as the intangibility typical of religious representation, with new patterns that decorate the bodies like gigantic majolica.

The governance of the Foundation underlines the innovative perspective of the multimedia exhibition, which offers the user a multisensory perceptive experience, wrapped as it is by images and sounds, and which is in line with the general artistic vision that FOSS has been putting into place in recent months.

The user experiences the complex simplicity of the dualism of light and dark, in a mystical fusion, crossed by the different wavelengths of sound, created by the synergy between the master Andrea Morricone and the Sicilian producer Cristian Vivianowhich translates into color generating a symphony of pervasive images.

A short circuit of usually classical instruments crossed by synthesizers and drum machines typical of electronic sound.
The visual artist Dario Denso Andriolo has reworked the images, starting from real models.

Andriolo describes the project as «an investigation, a mise-en-scène that underlines how in a contemporary mass media dimension there is progressively a breakdown of communication.
There is no space, place or time in this exhibition.
I come from the world of sculpture, I have reworked real images in my own way and this is the result ».

Andriolo has been linked to Politeama since he was a child when the bus that took him to high school stopped behind the theater.
His astonishment as a child in circumnavigating the theater now wants to be transformed into the astonishment of all, astonishment experienced from within.
In addition to the images, the sounds and music that accompany the multisensory experience take on great importance.

As Viviano points out, «the sometimes dissonant sound mixes want to convey all the tension we felt in the creation of the work.
Drum machines are the beating heart of a living experience, while synths lead to another level of reflection and emotions.
The final experience is something never seen, never felt, never tried ».

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