An illness or the bite of an insect, a fifty-year-old dies before the eyes of the neighbors

Editorial staff 14 September 2021 18:51

Share Perhaps a sudden illness or more likely the bite of an insect that caused the anaphylactic shock at the origin of the death this morning of a fifty-year-old from Rometta. The man felt ill while he was doing small cleaning jobs on the side of the road near his house, in the Rapano district. To give him immediate help a nurse who was passing by at that moment and also tried to revive him with a heart massage that did not give the desired result. In the meantime, the emergency services of the 118 health workers arrived but for the man there was nothing to do, he died under the eyes of passers-by and neighbors. The carabinieri were also on site. Vincenzo Saija, leaves his wife and son.

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