“An electocardiogram can save lives”, in Messina the solidarity initiative against cardiomyopathies becomes a project

First edition of the sport festival in solidarity with the initiative “The heart of the athlete” promoted by the Department of Social Policies of the Municipality of Messina and sponsored by the professional associations of doctors and surgeons and lawyers (the latter together with the Equal Opportunities Committee ) and supported by various associations including Us Acli, La Stella di Lorenzo onlus and Rete del dono.

Yesterday the morning at Villa Dante was dedicated to screening and prevention while in the afternoon experts in comparison at Palazzo Zanca focused their attention on the new frontiers to prevent, diagnose and treat arrhythmogenic cardiomyopathy, a silent disease that affects young people, often sportsmen . The aim was above all to raise awareness among citizens about the risks associated with a disease which, until recently, it was impossible to prevent and cure. Talking about research and prevention were also Lorenzo Fabbri, president of the La Stella di Lorenzo non-profit association, named after his 19-year-old son who died in 2012 from a fatal arrhythmia, and Alessandra Rampazzo (in the video), Professor of Applied Biology at the University of Padua, who with her group of researchers managed to discover an arrhythmogenic cardiomyopathy gene, whose development can be stopped to prevent the progression of the disease. “It is possible to prevent many heart diseases – said Rampazzo – in particular for arrhythmogenic cardiomyopathy, even with a simple electocardiogram that can detect the first signs. Our research aims to identify the causes of identifying the causes of this disease and above all the cure. We are working in this direction, with very interesting results “. About thirty children who participated together with other small sportsmen in the activities in the swimming pool of Villa Dante, were subjected to an initial electrocardiographic check by the cardiac surgeon specialists Filippo Castorino and Nino Campisi, cardiologist and vice president of the medical order inside the gazebo set up for the occasion. An important prevention activity for those who practice sports not only at a competitive level. “I hope it is only the beginning of a path that characterizes all the activity of social services and health policies”, declared the councilor Alessandra Calafiore, who spoke with the president of Messina Social City, Valeria Asquini. The commissioner Calafiore anticipated that an agreement will also be stipulated between the Irccs Piemonte hospital and the Messina social city to perform free screenings for all children assisted by the investee. At the meeting also the president of the Bar, Domenico Santoro who highlighted the commitment of the lawyer. “We are outside the Court – said Santoro – arm in arm with the Order of doctors to carry out a social function that we care about and are called to”. The initiative, which also saw the involvement of Francesco Giorgio, Provincial Delegate of the Italian Paralympic Committee, also had an exceptional testimonial, the twenty-seven-year-old judoka from Messina, Carolina Costa, bronze medalist at the Tokyo Paralympics while the work of the conference ended with the touching testimony of Tatiana Biagioni, president of the Italian labor law association and of the Equal Opportunities Committee of the Milan Bar Association. Biagioni told how cardiomyopathy also affected his daughter, a European swimming champion, who was saved only thanks to the fact that her heart stopped while she was at the home of a cardiologist friend who was able to intervene promptly with a defibrillator. The day ended with an aperitif in solidarity with the Thalatta rowers to help raise funds for research. Those who want to support the project can participate in the donation through the gift network (CLICK HERE).

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