An elderly carpenter from Mazara robbed and beaten. The victim’s story


Robbery, serious personal injury and kidnapping in competition are the crimes disputed in the trial which, in the Court, in Marsala, sees a Tunisian, Jamel Salah, accused, who with three other people (two remained unknown) would have beaten up and robbed a 74 year old Francesco Clemense, an elderly carpenter from Mazara.

the episodes are dated May 30, 2016, when the victim, when he was lowering the shutter (it was 11.43 pm) was grabbed from behind while, pushed to the ground and then tied hands and feet and savagely beaten.

A nightmare experience that Clemense reported in the “Borsellino” courtroom of the Court of Marsala. The second alleged member of the gang identified by the military is another North African, Chirad Omrani, but he is nowhere to be found. And so the only one on trial is Salah. Defending him is the lawyer Antonina Bonafede. Who the other two were it has not yet been possible to know. If compatriots of Salah and Omrani, or local accomplices. After being tied up and beaten, the carpenter was stolen his wallet (which contained 400 euros, two bank checks, driver’s license and identity card), his mobile phone and even the gold wedding band that he had on his finger.