among the municipalities Palermo at risk

Sicily is one of the Italian regions in the orange zone but a good part of its municipalities are located in the red zone. And the almost certain decision to declare Palermo as a red zone is awaited for today.

The red zone in orange Sicily

Yesterday Sicily recorded 909 new infections and of these 597 were in the province of Palermo. The president of the Sicilian Region Nello Musumeci stressed yesterday that “the parameters for declaring the red zone have not yet been reached” but did not rule out the adoption of the measure “as a useful preventive measure to avoid the peak of positives”. In the meantime, the governor passed the ball to the mayor Leoluca Orlando who “can, in the meantime, if he thinks so, can also take restrictive initiatives on the school front.”

And the mayor of Palermo, Leoluca Orlando, played hide and seek. Asking the regional government for “more restrictive measures”, and the national government to take charge of “refreshments for economic activities”. A game of parties staged while the sweepstakes have affected the region especially in these days of celebration. Law enforcement, helicopters and drones mobilized massively. In Catania, for example, the police blocked a rich Easter Monday lunch. All freelancers: doctors, lawyers, architects and engineers. Sixteen in all, 11 of which were sanctioned, those who, upon the arrival of the carabinieri, had hidden in the basement of the villa or had climbed over the fence to hide among the neighbor’s plants. For them a hefty fine of 400 euros each.

The dozens of municipalities in the red zone in orange Sicily

From one end of the Trinacria to the other, from Palermo to Ragusa, the fears, moreover, are the same: “The data on the increase in infections is still worrying and we reiterate that at this rate – says the mayor Peppe Cassi ‘- Ragusa it could be inserted in the red zone. Together with Asp we continue to constantly monitor the scenario, ready to implement all the necessary actions that the law provides, proportional to the trend of the data “.

In recent days, the President of the Region, Nello Musumeci, has established 4 new “red zones” in Sicily. It is Mojo Alcantara, in the province of Messina and Buscemi, Rosolini Solarino, in the province of Syracuse. The ordinance will be valid until April 14 inclusive. The provision, which also provides for the closure of schools, was requested by the mayors of the cities and was necessary due to a sudden increase in infections recorded in recent days, certified by the ASP.

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