Amap gift parcels to Children’s Hospital patients

(ANSA) – PALERMO, DECEMBER 30 – The board of directors of Cral Amap, also representing the sole director of the company, Alessandro Di Martino, has delivered gift packages intended for the young patients of the Palermo Children’s Hospital. “A gesture of closeness towards those who are forced to spend this festive period in hospital – underlined the sole administrator Alessandro Di Martino – a way of alleviating the suffering of children, of wishing them a happy new year and of showing solidarity with their families, but also a way of thanking the healthcare personnel who, with a great spirit of dedication, ensure that these little patients do not lack the indispensable human warmth”.

In compliance with the anti-Covid regulations, the representatives of Cral Amap (the president Fabio Drago, the vice president Mimmo Trapani, the secretary Vincenzo Luparello, the treasurer Riccardo Scardina and the councilor Nino Cocuzza) met the director of the Emergency Department, Domenico Cipolla, in the area in front of the hospital entrance. “It is an initiative undertaken in synergy with the administration and management of the company – said Fabio Drago – an important signal that we wanted to give to those who suffer and that we will try to repeat in the future”. .