Altavilla, the best of Mazara’s fish

Altavilla Restaurant is an excellent restaurant in the heart of Sicily, in the historic center of Mazara, known for its fresh fish and high-quality cuisine. The founders, Roberto and Vito Giacalone, decided to create Altavilla to showcase the gastronomic excellence of Mazara del Vallo. Their goal is to bring the flavors of the sea and land to the table, uniting the local ingredients. The restaurant offers a menu ranging from seafood crudités to Mazara’s famous red prawns, as well as selected meat, vegetarian, and vegan options. Located in the historic Seminario Vescovile, the restaurant is housed in a significant building and offers a warm and elegant atmosphere, perfect for a romantic evening, a business lunch, or a family celebration. The Giacalone brothers have a passion for quality seafood and aim to convey this to their customers. The restaurant’s highlight is the fresh fish displayed daily and the meticulously prepared crudités and fish tartares. Additionally, the menu includes meat, vegetarian, and vegan options, as well as a selection of Sicilian and non-Sicilian wines to accompany the dishes.

Altavilla, il meglio del pesce di Mazara

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