Also this year in Marina di Ragusa sea without borders. From 1 July

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29 Jun 2022 10:21

For the fourth consecutive year, the ASP of Ragusa has foreseen the “Sea without borders” project which will be in effect from 1 July to 31 August for a total of 61 days.
The service, which provides assistance to all those people with disabilities who could not use the beaches and the sea, will be guaranteed from Monday to Sunday from 10 to 12.30 and from 16.30 to 19 (it will remain open only on August 15th, 15 August) will be guaranteed, as in previous editions, by social and health operators of the Samot di Ragusa non-profit organization and the Samot di Palermo non-profit organization.

The project, which is carried out in collaboration with the mayors of the Hyblaean area, provides for the setting up of stations in the main seaside resorts.
In Marina di Ragusa the reference point will be in Piazza Torre.

On the part of the health company, Dr.
Giovanna Miceli will coordinate the service in synergy with the two non-profit organizations involved and the municipal administrations.
In recent years, “Mare senza frontiere” has had a great success of participation, but also a strong media impact not only on a territorial but also national level; a real organizational model that has guaranteed a concrete service to people with disabilities to use the beaches and the sea.

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