Also common is the online identity card for those with walking difficulties

The online service portal of the Municipality “Catania Semplice” is enriched with new functions. To facilitate, in particular, citizens unable to go to the municipalities due to their physical condition to request an identity card, the telematic process has been activated through the address / # / areas / Catania and the section “Demographic services and decentralization”, with identification via Spid. Difficulty walking must be certified with a certificate from the general practitioner or hospital.

In addition, in order to facilitate access to telematic services even by citizens not very used to new technologies, in recent weeks the service was launched that allows the presentation of applications through organizations that deal with assistance to citizens (Caf, Patronati, agencies funeral directors etc …), after registering on the Catania Simple portal accessible from the home page of the corporate website Among the latest initiatives are the Catania Semplice functions activated by the urban planning management for the 110% bonus, which allow professionals, through the specific section of the portal, to request the General Archive and electronically receive the documentation relating to habitability certificates from the 1948 to 1984; building permits from 1948 to 1995; file and issue of copies only to expert witnesses appointed by the Court. “The process of technological innovation and simplification of services developed by the Administration continues – said Mayor Salvo Pogliese – in line with the commitment it has made to our city, as emerged in the last PA forum, one of the municipalities with the highest digital maturity rate in Italy. I thank the councilor Alessandro Porto and the director of information systems Maurizio Consoli with all the staff who have been working for three years to speed up and simplify services for our fellow citizens and especially for those who have difficulty in reaching the offices or need support with the new technologies”. These are the active online sections on the Catania Semplice portal accessible via Spid: School services, for enrollment in kindergarten and school meals, book vouchers, student transport and certificates; Mobility and Viability, for the issue of Ast and Amt cards; Ecology and Environment, for the protection and welfare services of animals which allow, among other things, to start the procedures for the adoption of abandoned animals kept in authorized kennels; Town planning, for legal certificates; Taxes, denunciation and cancellation but also reduction and exemption from Tari; Productive Activities, for the granting of the public land concession; Demographic and decentralization services, for certificates of registry office and marital status, electoral services, marriages, maternity checks, family checks, hunting cards; Municipal Police, for having issued passes, badges and authorizations; General Archives and Historical Archives, also for requests for habitability and building permits relating to the past; request for accreditation of Bodies, for submitting applications on behalf of third parties by parts of Caf and Patronati and other public service activities. In addition, the online registry certificates that can be downloaded from the site (which will soon be added to those of marital status), are also accessible via SPID; the other non-automated requests other than the personal data can be requested by PEC at the address Digitally, through the PagoPa area, on the website of the Municipality of Catania it is also possible to pay electronically for school meals services, fines for violations of the highway code, the tourist tax paid by the managers from the accommodation facilities and the tax for the disposal of solid urban waste.

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