also arrested for extortion by the police –

Police officers arrested an offender from Catania born in 1980, who was responsible for the crimes of mistreatment in the family, damage and extortion.

The agents, following a report, went to a house in the Librino neighborhood, where there was a young man who was trying to break down the front door of the house. after having promptly blocked and checked it, the police found that the man had been harassing the two elderly parents for years, engaging in physical and psychological violence against them in order to extort money and then buy drugs. The parents also reported that due to their son’s constant requests for money they had also had to sell cell phones and many household appliances and that, exasperated by this situation, they filed a complaint shortly before.

Upon returning home and faced with the refusal of the umpteenth request for money, the son went into a rage threatening to kill them and destroyed the furniture with kicks and punches. Therefore, the two victims were accompanied to the Police Headquarters to formalize the complaint, yet another against the son, adding that they have always tried to hide the injuries caused by the attacks for fear of aggravating his situation and in the hope of being able to help him get out of the drug addiction tunnel.

The story of the spouses was also reflected in the statements of the other son, who confirmed the brother’s violent and prevaricating attitude towards his parents. The man was then arrested and on the orders of the PM on duty, taken to prison awaiting the validation hearing before the GIP.

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