Almost a thousand migrants arrive in Lampedusa in 24 hours

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Twenty-one landings with a total of 945 migrants. This is how yesterday ended in Lampedusa where until shortly before midnight rescues and landings continued. The last 6 groups, coming from Sfax and Zarzis in Tunisia and from Sabratha and Tajoura in Libya, were composed of a minimum of 17 to a maximum of 77 people originally from Bangladesh, Egypt, Pakistan, Syria, Ivory Coast, Gambia, Guinea, Mali, Niger, Senegal, and Sierra Leone. All were taken to the Imbriacola hotspot which, last night, housed 1,335 people and where at dawn, after the transfer of 381, there were 1,031 migrants. The prefecture of Agrigento has arranged for a double transfer today with ferries to Porto Empedocle: 300 will depart in the morning and 380 in the evening.

Ancora sbarchi a Lampedusa, quasi mille migranti arrivati in 24 ore

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