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The Urban Plan of Sustainable Mobility of the Municipality of Palermo takes its first steps. The mayor Leoluca Orlando is the commissioner to Mobility Giusto Catania they presented it today in videoconference.

The Pums is the strategic planning tool of the Municipality that over the next 10 years, is that is until 2030, will develop a system vision of urban mobility with the aim of achieving various objectives of environmental, social and economic sustainability. Basically, fewer cars around and, consequently, less pollution. To do this, the plan includes new subway lines, more cycle paths. To implement it, huge investments are planned.

Investment forecast of almost 2 billion

The forecast of investments by 2024 is about 450 million euros, already allocated, and amounts to almost one billion and 450 million by 2030. The overall total is almost one billion and 900 million.

Encourage the use of tram lines

The main strategy of the Urban Sustainable Mobility Plan of the city of Palermo is to induce a rebalancing of the demand for transport between the collective and the individual, in order to reduce congestion and improve accessibility to and from the urban suburbs, through the adoption a sustainable mobility policy that favors the use of collective transport and in particular of tram lines.

Tram, light rail, new cycle paths

The Pums is part of a scenario of interventions already planned by the municipal administration and concerning the new tram system, the railway loop, the railway ring, the light automatic metro, the new cycle paths and micro-mobility, the new road infrastructures and the strengthening of urban public transport.

Drafted pursuant to the Ministerial Decree of 4 August 2017 of the Ministry of Infrastructures and Transport, which entrusted the definition to the Metropolitan Cities, the deliberative act of the Council relating to Pums, after having hesitated a long series of preparatory procedural steps and having obtained the validation of the ministry, will now be sent to the City Council for its final approval.

Mayor Orlando “It is our vision of the city of the future”

“It is our overall vision of the city of the future – declares the mayor – in which the drastic decrease in private vehicle traffic and, consequently, the lowering of pollution levels, is an objective to be pursued, certainly not by preventing traffic, but by structurally intervening in a different way of understanding mobility, in which everything “is keeps “, from cycle paths to an efficient tram system and the creation of new parking lots”.

These words are echoed by those of the councilor for the branch, Giusto Catania: “The SUMP is a fundamental planning tool that will transform the city and its mobility. The objectives of the plan are very ambitious and place Palermo in the wake of many international cities that have invested in sustainable mobility as a driving force for the growth of the circular economy and the improvement of liveability. The investments in the next few years will be decisive and we can only be satisfied with the participatory path of the PUMS which, after the positive evaluation of the Ministry and the start of the environmental procedure, arrives on the agenda of the City Council on schedule “.

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