Almaviva, Schifani meets the workers: “For us it is the abyss, we are waiting for a glimmer of Rome”

The president of the Sicilian Region, Renato Schifani, on the sidelines of a meeting organized in Palermo by the councilor for Productive Activities, Edy Tamajo, to wish him a happy new year, met a delegation of Almaviva workers, made up of about fifty people.

“I confirmed the commitment of the regional government to the workers, I will personally follow the story together with the councilor Tamajo – explains Schifani -. A crisis table has already been set for January 11 in Rome, precisely at the request of the Sicilian Region, at the Ministry of Enterprise and Made in Italy”.

From 1 January 2023, the approximately 200 Almaviva workers in the Palermo office will, in fact, be on layoffs, due to the closure of the 1500 telephone assistance service, which had been activated by the Ministry of Health for the Covid emergency.

“It was a cold shower, the Ministry’s email, received yesterday. An informal pec, where the ministry thanked us and mockingly wished us a happy new year, but since January 1, 2023 we’ve all been at home in the till integration – says Giusy Giustiniani, who has worked at Almaviva for 20 years -. There is nothing to celebrate, this is an abyss for us and someone has to help us. We have come to meet Schifani who is committed to a national crisis table We are waiting confidently. Our skills are many, but the only ones left out are us, who work for a state contract. We don’t even have the social clauses for having been moved, not voluntarily, to number 1500”.

“At this point our hope is that politics will give us a hand, because only they can do it. This is our trust, we don’t have much else to do”, Gaetano Cordova shakes his head.

“The year doesn’t start in the best way, bad news for 500 colleagues and their families, with wives, husbands and children. They have brought us to our knees. We are waiting for a glimmer of light for our future from Rome, something that will allow us to go carry on because today is hard, really hard. There is this glimmer of hope, we await day 11 “, says Vincenzo Vitrano.

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