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Almaviva dispute, workers’ protest sit-in in Palermo

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Sit-in protest of Almaviva workers in via Cavour, in Palermo.
A trade union delegation was received by the prefect to represent the plight of the call center workers, at the center of the dispute linked to the takeover of Ita to Alitalia and the handover of the customer service contract to Covisian.
Representing the Municipality, the councilor was present Giovanna Marano.

On 21 October, an agreement was reached that made workers safe.
But a few days ago Covisian declared that the commercial agreement with Ita was not successful and that the contract for the supply of the contact center service will expire at the end of the month.
Unfortunately, on 1 April the workers of the former Alitalia call center hired in Covisian and those still waiting to pass through Almaviva received yet another cold shower.
An agreement that had secured over 600 people was scrapped in a single moment
– declare for the Slc CGIL Palermo Emiliano Cammarata And Massimiliano FiducciaCovisian canceled an agreement signed at the Ministry of Labor, which saw the entire government as guarantor.
We have now gone back 6 months.
Over 500 workers risk losing their jobs in a city like Palermo which certainly cannot afford it

To the prefect – Cammarata and Fiduccia add – we ask that you write a note to the Ministry of Labor and Social Policies so that a table is immediately convened to clarify a grotesque affair: Covisian had made commitments, Ita had made commitments and the Ministry of Labor was the guarantor of this agreement.
It is a problem that affects the whole sector: unfortunately we have been pursuing industrial crises for too long now.
We need a serious industrial policy for this sector

This umpteenth occupational drama – continue Fiduccia and Cammarata – it must be resolved immediately, in certain times.
The table must arrive immediately because it was the Ministry of Labor, during a complicated negotiation, that acted as guarantor so that no one would lose a job.
We need to establish responsibility for what happened.
We ask for a table so that the Ministry of Labor and Social Policies performs its role of guarantor on compliance with an agreement which, if disregarded, would not only have social and economic consequences but would be devastating on a situation already compromised because Almaviva gives for some time it has been exiting this market by taking off its orders.
So it would not have the possibility to re-employ the 300 people who were waiting to transit Covisian, with what can ensue.

Leoluca Orlando

The protection of Almaviva workers is indispensable.
It is necessary to clarify the Covisian withdrawal and it is essential that the Minister of Labor Andrea Orlando convene a table, before the Easter holidays, to confirm the objectives agreed last October
This was stated by the mayor of Palermo Leoluca Orlando and the councilor Giovanna Marano alongside the workers of the Almaviva call center who gathered in front of the Prefecture this morning to raise awareness among the institutions in order to avoid layoffs.
Urgent government intervention is needed – added Orlando and Marano – so that the solution is found to a problem that affects two important operators in the sector and above all so that the application of the social clause guaranteed by the law is respected.
There is no more time to waste
The main objective remains that of “guarantee the employment levels of the workers of the Ita contract“, Conclude the mayor and the councilor.

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