Almaviva dispute, 380 hires in a year and a half in the Covisian plan but the unions reject him: “Inadmissible”

The fate of Almaviva workers dedicated to Alitalia customer service, and who with the birth of Ita and the passage of the order to Covisian rschiano to lose their job, remains obscure. During the meeting that took place today in Rome between the company and sndacati, the positions remained distant: too much. According to union sources, Covisian said it was willing to hire about 380 employees by April 2023. Moreover, about 60 operators are not really considered by the company because they are “directly connected to Millemiglia Alitalia”. Too long times and too few numbers for employee representatives.

With bated breath to date, in total, 613 workers and their families. And the tension rises. This morning some operators gave life to a spontaneous and peaceful demonstration “to try to sensitize everyone on the dispute a few hours before the ministerial meeting”. For Slc-Cgil, Fistel Cisl and Uilcom Uil “what emerged does not guarantee total employment continuity, an unacceptable condition, with the hypothesis of contractual conditions to be discussed”. The proposal is therefore branded as “inadmissible”. Mayor Leoluca Orlando and Councilor for Labor Giovanna Marano speak of “failure to apply the social clause”. “It is a position that has been rejected by the trade unions as well as by our municipal administration. It is not possible for Ita to choose not to apply the collective labor agreement for air transport by hiring Alitalia workers, while Covisian chooses not to apply the social clause that sees Ita itself as the client. There is a need for a clear and convincing initiative from the Government that sees the Ministry of Economic Development involved “. Mayor and councilor reiterate: “We appeal to the Minister of Labor Andrea Orlando to bring back to the rules, laws and contracts the protection of the rights of workers, of the workers involved in this dispute and guarantee their employment perspective. The main way to safeguard a a sector such as that of call centers is that of good employment, not that of recurring use of social safety nets, affirming compliance with the social clause without shortcuts. Finally, we remind the two Ministers that in the South we cannot afford the social cost of losing work again ” .

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