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As every year, Almalaurea publishes the data relating to the various Italian faculties and universities with the employment status and the profile of graduates.
The LiveUnict editorial team has decided to analyze the situation of students and graduates of the DISUM of Catania.

The Almalaurea report for the year 2021 was recently published by the research institution.
As every year, the profile was carefully analyzed of graduates and the occupational conditions of each student. Reports Almalurea analyzes the condition of all the various departments of the various Italian faculties every year.

The data refer to the previous year, that is, to all the students who graduated in 2021.
Below, the detailed situation of the graduates of the Department of Humanities of the University of Catania.

Profile of Disum graduates: more women than men

According to the Almalaurea survey, female students graduating from Disum during the last academic year have an advantage over men.
In fact the 79.1% are women and the remainder are men. The average age of graduation is between 23-24 years.

As for the social origin, 24% of the respondents has at least one parent who is college graduate and 9.1% have both parents in possession of a degree.

Pre-graduate studies

With regard to upper secondary education, the students who have chosen to attend the Department of Humanities have, for the most part, a school career behind them.
at the Liceo Classico with 30%, 24% of students at the linguistic high school, 23.2% at the scientific high school, 9.1% at the high school of human sciences and 2.8% at the artistic high school.
Instead, the remainder did attend technical and vocational colleges.

Employment condition

The investigation conducted by Almalaurea sees 1,037 graduates from Disum in the past year and the students who decided to participate in the survey are 704 between three-year and two-year degrees, for a total of 23.0% men and 77.0% women.

During the survey, students were asked about their employment status and among them 29.4% have a job, 47.4% do not have a job and are not looking for it and 23.2% are looking for a job .

Characteristics of current work and pay

Respondents were asked what their job was at the time of the survey and 32% of those in employment reported their profession.

Entrepreneurs, legislators and senior management: 1.9%; Intellectual professions: 51.2%; Technical professions: 16.4%; Executive professions in office work: 12.6%; Other professions: 17.9%;

Furthermore, 25.6% carry out work in smart working.

As for the average salary, there is a substantial difference between the pay of a man and a woman. In fact, a man earns an average of 892 euros and a woman 1,005 euros per month.

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