Alleged mafia management of betting, the Totem trial ended with 48 acquittals

The Totem 2 trial, an offshoot of the most substantial debate concerning the affairs of the Giostra clan, ended with 48 acquittals and a three-month sentence of arrest. The suspects involved in the management of internet-connected terminals used for bets and wagers in gambling halls went to trial last night. But everything ended with a stalemate “because the fact does not exist”, as decided by the first criminal section of the court presided over by judge Adriana Sciglio.

According to the prosecution, the defendants have installed the totem poles in some local citizens without the authorization of the Aams, managing bets on sporting events on behalf of a foreign concessionaire without authorization. But the court has in fact accepted the request for acquittal, already proposed by the same prosecutor. To defend the accused, the lawyers Alessandro Billè, Roberto Materia, Salvatore Silvestro, Giuseppe Donato, Antonio Arena, Luigi Cangemi, Salvatore Mirabile, Antonio Giacobello, Angela Cicciari, Carmelo Picciotto, Gianluca Currò, Nino Favazzo, Oleg Traclò, Fabrizio Alessi, Nunzio Rosso Cinzia Panebianco and Nino Cacia. The names of the acquitted Antonino Barbera, Luigi Tibia, Luciano De Leo, Giuseppe Schepis, Santi De Leo, Fortunato Bellamacina, Agatino Antonino Epaminonda, Daniele Pantò, Francesco La Camera, Daniele Vinci, Massimo Currò, Paolo Currò, Toruccio Salvatico, Filippo Marsala, Veronica Pernicone, Anna Morana, Luigi Irrera, Paolo Chiaia, Antonino Cutè, Francesco Bitto, Roberto Ferrara, Gaetano Russo, Giovanni Mancuso, Rosario Costantino, Giovanni Zanghì, Carlo Sergi, Pasquale Romeo, Francesco Irrera, Ignazio Vinci, Francesco Giuffrida, Giovanni Ieni, Giovanni Pagano, Concetta Pappalardo, Mario Rello, Francesco Tomasello, Giovanni Versaci, Orazio Margurio, Francesco Guglielmino, Roberto Lecca, Carmelo Salvo, Pietro Santamaria, Natale Caruso, Simone Pati, Antonio Civello, Maria Antonia Cicero, Michele Lombardini, Francesco Gigliarano, Giuseppe Cucinotta.

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