Alicudi, so the principal keeps alive the smallest school in Europe

In Alicudi, the smallest school in Europe is experiencing a “moment of difficulty”. At the beginning of the new school, the usual few pupils had enrolled to attend the primary and Cpe (Exam Preparation Centre) classes, but with the arrival of winter, semi-isolation also came to Alicudi which distanced the island from the rest world.
So the parents of the few pupils decided to transfer their children to Milazzo to allow them to attend lessons regularly.
To prevent the closure of the school complex (one of the most panoramic of the Aeolian Islands) the school manager of Lipari Mirella Fanti, on whom the school of Alicudi depends, has decided to start projects financed by the Region in order not to miss the only teacher and the school assistant.
The teacher divides herself between an English course that she carries out in Alicudi with some people from the island and substitutes in the nearby school of Filicudi, while the school collaborator dedicates herself to the afternoon opening of the library with 5,000 volumes and to the cataloging .
“Waiting for better times – says Professor Mirella Fanti – we are still keeping alive the school complex which has its value for the island, so much so that the news of the smallest school in Europe has even gone around the world…”.