Alibrandi new president, Federica Pernice past president

Editorial staff 06 September 2021 14:15

Solidarity and subsidiarity these are the words with which the inaugural speech of the newly elected president of the Leo Club Messina Host, Giampiero Alibrandi, begins, who after having extensively developed these issues has turned his thoughts to the moment of great difficulty that the entire population world suffers and from which only a careful look at the simplest and most ancient values, such as that of friendship, can make us climb the walls of a very steep mountain. Friendship that is reconfirmed and strengthened more and more between this Leo club and its godfather Lions, explains Alibrandi. In the passage of the bell held at the same time as the Lions one, the new corporate offices were read, including: president Giampiero Alibrandi, past president Federica Pernice, vice presidents Antonello Stelitano and Riccardo Consolo, secretary Floriana Lanzafame, deputy secretary Irene Vilardo, Treasurer Claudio Merlino, Master of Ceremonies Walter Tandurella, Social media manager Arianna Scipilliti, external relations manager Carmelo Polimeni. Furthermore, during the current social year, the young people of the Messina Host Leo Club set themselves the goal of creating a series of initiatives that are the full expression of their associative values ​​and their mission … Among these activities there has been in these days the collection of clothing, in collaboration with all the Sicilian Leo Clubs and with the Lions of the same district, donated to Afghan families displaced from their country and in transit from Sigonella to the United States. “Through you the sensitivity of the Sicilian citizens can be touched by hand for the lot of material you have brought. The Naval Air Station and the US are grateful “, this is the comment, the commander of the Naval Air Station of the US Navy Captain Kevin Pickard.

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