Alessia Russo reaches World Cup final with Aragona heritage

England continues its dream at the Women’s World Cup and thanks to the 3-1 victory over Australia in the semifinals, they will challenge Spain for the title on Sunday, August 20th. Alessia Russo played a key role in the success against the hosts. The forward, who scored the third goal for the British national team, has a connection to Sicily: her grandfather, Alfonso, originally from Aragona, emigrated to England in the 1950s. Her tally for the national team now stands at 14 goals (three in this World Cup) in 28 appearances. Previously, she opened the scoring against China in the 6-1 victory in the opening match of the tournament. Her goal against Colombia in the 2-1 win secured their place in the quarterfinals. Born in 1999, Alessia Russo played a crucial role in her national team’s victory at the European Championships last year, scoring four goals, including one in the semifinal against Sweden. The Russo family, including Alessia Mia Teresa Russo (the player’s full name), has Sicilian origins. Grandfather Alfonso Russo moved across the Channel after meeting Patricia, a young English woman who was on a school trip in Rome. They had three children: Teresa, Mario, and Lisa. Grandfather Alfonso was a fan of Manchester United. Alessia’s father, Mario, also played football, wearing the Metropolitan Police jersey in a national championship reserved for English police officers.

Alessia Russo in finale ai Mondiali di calcio, il nonno era di Aragona

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