Alcamo, the gang that robbed the shops in the center was caught by the cameras

The Carabinieri of the Alcamo Company have implemented an application order of house arrest with remote control through the electronic bracelet, issued by the GIP at the Trapani Court, at the request of the local Public Prosecutor’s Office, against three Alcamo men ( two aged 39 and one aged 25) for which it is believed that there are serious indications of guilt for the crime of aggravated theft.

The provision stems from the investigations conducted by the Carabinieri, coordinated by the Prosecutor of the Republic of Trapani, initiated following some thefts to the detriment of commercial establishments perpetrated in the last month in the city of Alcamo.

The investigations conducted by the military, starting from the immediate and detailed inspections on the scene of the crime, made it possible to collect serious indications of guilt against the current suspects for three separate criminal events which occurred at the end of October, respectively to the detriment of two grocery stores food and the ASP CUP, all characterized by the same modus operandi. According to the investigators’ reconstruction, the three, to carry out their criminal actions, would have forced shutters or windows by hand to gain access to the premises and remove the money contained in the cash registers or drawers. The total loot would be over 1,300 euros, in addition to the damage caused to the fixtures quantified in a few thousand euros.

In order to evade investigations, the arrested would also have tried to hide their faces by covering themselves with clothing, to avoid being recognized in the videos of the video surveillance systems. However, the analysis carried out by the Carabinieri made it possible to trace the identity of the alleged criminals, already known from previous police records.

During the investigations, in agreement with the competent Public Prosecutor’s Office, house searches were carried out on the same subjects, which made it possible to find and seize some of the clothes that appear to be those worn during the criminal action. Those arrested were restricted to house arrest at the disposal of the Judicial Authority.

Further investigations by the Arma military are still underway, in order to trace the possible responsibility of the subjects for further episodes of the same tenor.

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