Alcamo evacuation as fire nears State Road 187, witness claims arson

A serious fire broke out in Alcamo Marina between the districts of Aleccia and Calatubo, around 5 PM today (October 20th). The flames consumed several hectares of vegetation and came close to homes, causing numerous evacuations. Local police, carabinieri, Red Cross, municipal civil protection, and firefighters are on the scene. There have been no reported injuries, but the situation is severe. The firefighting teams are facing difficulties due to strong scirocco winds. The fire is near the Anas road maintenance station, overlooking Carabinieri Falcetta and Apuzzo Street, a section of the State Road 187. Many concerned people are observing the situation. The municipal police have reportedly collected an important eyewitness account of an individual starting the fire.

Case evacuate ad Alcamo per un incendio vicino alla Statale 187, un testimone: «Ho visto appiccare il rogo»

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