Alcamo, delegations assigned to the new councilors Salato and Barone

alcamo, -assigned-the-proxies-to-the-new-councilors-salato-e-barone

The Mayor of Alcamo Domenico Surdi has assigned the proxies to the new councilors Filippo Salato and Laura Barone, respectively: Municipal Police and Mobility; Sport; Contrast to straying and animal protection to the lawyer Filippo Salato. Production Activities and Public Green to the architect, Laura Barone.

The First Citizen Domenico Surdi declares that “the attribution of proxies to the new councilors was done by raising the skills they have gained in recent years in the City Council”.

“I am aware of the importance of the powers conferred on me and I gladly accept to continue this political / administrative experience as a councilor.
I will also try to carry on and conclude the work of the councilors who preceded me and to maintain as much as possible an open dialogue between the citizens and the municipal council in the matters that belong to me “, are the speeches of the councilor Salato

“I thank the Mayor for his trust, it will be busy months for the proxies that I have, in collaboration with the other councilors – declares Barone. It will be my concern to meet all the trade associations of economic development and freelancers with purposeful and involving purposes. And again, our territory will continue to be subject to maintenance and cleaning of public green areas,