Alarm at the Palermo Polyclinic, part of the false ceiling of the emergency room collapses

I’m collapsed this morning some panels from the false ceiling of the emergency room of the Policlinico hospitalat Palermo. On the ground, near the ambulances that alternate under the canopy at the entrance to the department, there are still some remains and the screws that fixed the panels.

It seems to have caused the fall to have been the passage of a vehicle other than an ambulance: the driver would not have correctly calculated the height of the vehicle, as explained by the hospital surveyor Carmelo Lanza, who takes care of building maintenance: «Fortunately there was no serious damage to people or things. A vehicle passed by miscalculating its real dimensions, but now we are restoring everything».

The van, according to some witnesses belonging to the police, damaged the external shelter when entering the access ramp of the emergency room of the Palermo Polyclinic, causing the false ceiling to fall.
“There were no injuries – they say from the hospital – and during the refurbishment works the rescue activity did not stop”.

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