Akragas: the summoned for the challenge against the ProFavara


The Akragas coach Corrado Mutolo has called 21 players for today's match against Pro Favara and is valid for the ninth round of the championship of Excellence Girone A.

The match will be played at the "Esseneto" stadium in Agrigento, starting at 3pm.
Here is the list of players called:

Goalkeepers: Paterniti, D’Angelo, Marzino

Defenders: Procida, Ferrante, Lala, Biancola, Daoudi, Mannina, La Rocca, Pilonetto

Midfielders: Licata, Caronia, Ruggeri, Pirrone, Incardona, Treppiedi, Biondo

Forward: Santangelo, Gambino, Graziano

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