Akragas, the position of Castronovo: "I wait for answers from the field"


The next trip to Castellammare for Akragas represents a real crossroads. In light of the commitments of the teams that precede the "giant", Dattilo and Canicattì, who will play at home respectively against Mazara and Cus Palermo, a possible misstep could lead to a further delay in the standings.

The boys of Vullo will have to win at all costs, putting heart and conviction into action to hit the target. After Sunday's bad performance, the team made self-criticism. Sports director Ernesto Russello sought answers to the team's attitude against Monreale. "Perhaps the opponent has been underestimated – Russello said -. The signal that we launched was strong, if there are objectives to achieve these performances cannot be done "commented the director.

Even the president, Giovanni Castronovo, after the game appeared rather dark in the face and immediately called a top management: "Certainly – explained Castronovo -, the game on Sunday did not satisfy me, on the contrary it annoyed me and I wanted to understand if it was the case of taking action. Those who came to Akragas – he continued – know that I want to win, but we have to do everything we can to do it, so certain drops in tension or performance are not good. He is not respectful of the club, which has paid off its salaries in the past week and it is not respectful of the fans who come to the stadium and cannot attend a bad show. We wanted to concede that we had spent a difficult week. However we had to conquer the three points and only this aspect is saved ".

Against Castellammare, Akragas will want to recover the points lost at home: "Sunday will be difficult – continued Castronovo -, we have a poisoned tooth for the first leg because we suffered a draw on the only shot on goal. Both Dattilo and Canicattì play at home and if we don't want the gap to increase, we must absolutely win. We will also try to make a good performance, but between the splendid game of Mazara ended in a draw, and the victory on Sunday, I keep the result tight against Monreale ".

The sports and corporate project of Castronovo, therefore, continues.

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