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The weekend is about to arrive and, to remedy the sultry heat of this past week, the LiveUnict editorial team offers you an evening to spend in lightness and comfort, staying at home in the cool, in front of the small screen.
Here’s what to see on TV tonight.

After a particularly sultry working week, if you are opting to watch a film lightly, why not stay comfortably at home with the fan on? Even today the small screen offers you interesting alternatives.
And here are the best of tonight, according to the LiveUnict editors.

Escape Plan – Escape from Hell [Rai 4, ore 21:22]: protagonist Ray Breslin, played by Sylvester Stallone, is a structural security expert: he has spent his life designing government prisons from which it is impossible to escape.
Only he knows every secret, however his abilities will be put to the test when, trapped, he ends up being a victim of one of his infernal structures, remaining imprisoned.
Behind bars, the vengeful Breslin will meet the leader of the prisoners, Emil Rottmayer, played by Arnold Schwarzeneggerand together they will seek an escape route to regain the longing freedom.

Interstellar [Italia 1, ore 21:20]: returns to the small screen, this sci-fi bestseller, with interpretations of Matthew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway.
In the distant future, there has been a drastic climate change affecting terrestrial agriculture.
Corn is the only cultivation still possible and a group of scientists decide to exploit a “whormole” to overcome the limits of space-time and make an interstellar journey in search of new livable dimensions to save humanity.

The new world – The new world [Iris, ore 21:00]: the year 1607 runs and the colonists of America, landed on the coasts of Virginia, led by John Smith, they begin a new life in the “New World”.
But soon the captain will be taken prisoner by the indigenous Powhatan tribe.
Pochahontas, daughter of the chieftain, saves his life by falling in love with him.
Hence the intertwining of history and fiction with the love story between the two protagonists at the center.

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