AIMC Congress, works inaugurated Covid has shown us that alone you can’t go anywhere

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Identify good management practices to develop new guidelines and recommendations to deal with major health and social emergencies, in the light of the experiences gained during the pandemic and recent war events.
This is the objective of the XX national congress of the Italian Association of Medicine of Disasters (AIMC), which this year will be held at the Policlinico di Messina, whose inaugural ceremony was held this afternoon at the Palazzo dei Congressi.

“Given the era we are living in, we could not fail to deal with current topics – said Dr.
Maria Carola Martino, president of AIMC – which unfortunately are the covid-19 pandemic and the war events that are affecting us at the moment” .

The aim is also to highlight the importance of a common and shared method between the components of the medical aid, and the integration between the components of the various sectors or bodies called to intervene on maxi emergencies.

“The covid has shown us – continued Dr.
Martino – that alone you cannot go anywhere.
The organization and above all the networking of all the figures involved in the management of the maxi emergency are necessary elements.
It is necessary that the various bodies talk to each other, have shared plans and have shared training to ensure that there are no gaps, holes or delays in organizing an effective and efficient response “.

After the greetings of the presidents of the 20th congress, Dr.
Malara and Dr.
De Luca, by dr.
Giampiero Bonaccorsi, extraordinary commissioner of the AOU Policlinico “G.
Martino ”, by Prof.
Giovanna Spatari, Deputy Rector of the Magnificent Rector prof.
Salvatore Cuzzocrea, of dr.
Carmelo Musolino of the prefecture and of all the authorities present, the lectio magistralis of dr.
Antonio Giovanni Versace on the two-year pandemic.

News from Sicily 2022-06-23 21:13:00

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