Aidone museum closed due to staff shortage, 9 employees must cover Morgantina site.

Tourists are angry and upset about the closure of the regional museum of Aidone, where the Venus is located, and the archaeological site of Morgantina. A sign announced the closure and another for November 26. The decision to open on alternate weekends is due to a lack of staff. The mayor was not informed of the closure and is seeking a meeting with the Park’s Technical Scientific Committee. She is also going to Palermo to meet with the director general to finalize a convention for the use of association personnel at both sites. The chronic problem of staff shortages needs to be resolved with an urgent hiring plan, according to an archaeologist and tour guide.

Il museo di Aidone rimane chiuso per mancanza di personale, in 9 devono coprire anche il sito di Morgantina

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