Agrigento’s Police Chief: “Tents are meant for policemen, not migrants”

The content mentions that a new hotspot is being constructed in Porto Empedocle, excluding Lampedusa from hosting new reception structures for migrants. The questor of Agrigento, Emanuele Ricifari, called one of the protesters to explain the situation. Lampedusa residents, led by deputy mayor Attilio Lucia, protested against the establishment of a tent city. Ricifari explained that the tents are for personnel accommodation and that there is a need for more staff. He plans to visit the island and hold a meeting with the locals. The questor emphasized the overloaded situation on Lampedusa and suggested relocating the migrants to Porto Empedocle to reduce arrivals. Military ships have been redirecting around 800-1000 migrants daily to other locations. Ricifari also warned the residents not to obstruct the roads, otherwise it would be considered a crime. The islanders expressed their anger and frustration towards the questor’s remarks. The phone call concluded with Ricifari advising the protesters to stay on the sidewalks instead of blocking the roads.

Il questore di Agrigento: «Le tende servono per i poliziotti e non per i migranti»

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