Agrigento, the investigating judge validates the seizure of the Maddalusa Launch Beach resort

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The two preventive seizures on the “Maddalusa Launch Beach” accommodation were validated by the investigating judge of the court of Agrigento, Giuseppe Miceli.
In recent days, the acting chief prosecutor Salvatore Vella had requested them.
“The seals were affixed to the accommodation facilities of the ‘Maddalusa Launch Beach of Burgio Carmelo’ and related appurtenances for the hypothesis of crime – it was announced by the Prosecutor of Agrigento – of illegal construction on a restricted area; violation of the Code of cultural heritage and the landscape and illegal occupation of maritime property (seizure carried out as a matter of urgency by the judicial police section of the prosecutor’s office on June 28).

Preventive seizure also for an area of ​​about 900 square meters constituted – they always explain from the fifth floor of the courthouse – by an unlawful excavation and terracing (serving the B&B activity), for the hypothesis of illegal construction on restricted area; violation of the Cultural Heritage and Landscape Code (carried out by the judicial police section of the Public Prosecutor’s Office on 30 June) “.
The investigating judge recognized the existence of the “fumus” of serious urban, landscape and state-owned crimes hypothesized by the prosecutor and the “existence of the danger that the availability of the assets and works of the suspects could prolong and even aggravate the effects of the crimes, given that the goods and structures were clearly used in the context of tourist accommodation exercised (also illegally) by Burgio “- explain by the Prosecutor’s Office -.
There are two suspects, linked by kinship.

The investigation by the Agrigento Public Prosecutor’s Office which led, in recent days, to the two preventive seizures of the accommodation facilities of the ‘Maddalusa Launch Beach in Burgio Carmelo’, today validated by the investigating judge, was founded on documents acquired by the judicial police, with the technical assistance of officials of the Building Supervision Service of the Municipality of Agrigento and of the Superintendency of Cultural and Environmental Heritage of Agrigento, as well as on the documents attached to a complaint presented by the president of the association “Legambiente – Circolo Rabat Aps” of Agrigento “of 25 May 2021 to the Carabinieri Tpc of Palermo In recent weeks, speaking of the “largest and most serious building abuse in the last 30 years in Sicily, in the Valley of the Temples”, the case had been raised by the lawyer Giuseppe Arnone.


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