Agrigento, the feathered hats invade the Valley of the Temples (ft, vd)


by Irene Milisenda, photo by Luigi Roberto Mula

The Valley of the Temples this morning was invaded by the feathered hats of the Bersaglieri.

The sections of the ANB of Campania, Molise, Basilicata, Puglia, Calabria and, of course, Sicily, with the Agrigento section, have gathered at Casa San Filippo, from there in procession, the brass bands have reached the Valley of the Temples and have parade along the Via Sacra, meeting at the foot of the Temple of Concordia where the hymn of Mameli was sung.

Great participation of Agrigento, but so much admiration also from the tourists who found themselves on this Sunday at the Valley and were able to enjoy an exceptional and unique show of its kind.

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