Agrigento, the ASP is looking for medical managers in various disciplines: open notice

It is a real “open” public notice for the temporary recruitment of staff of the medical management that the Provincial Health Authority of Agrigento makes constantly available on its institutional site.

Through the specific “extraordinary personal selections” button, present on the left side of the home page, interested parties can connect to the page archive-urpinforma/item/4932 where, continuously updated, it is easy to consult the notices for the formation of rankings for the temporary coverage of positions of medical executive in various disciplines and specialty. This is a section, managed by the Human Resources Service Operating Unit, aimed at addressing staff shortages also in relation to the critical issues related to the epidemiological crisis from covid-19 in progress.

Candidates will be able to submit their application, according to the scheme shown on the web page, also by certified mail to the address To participate in several specialist branches it will be necessary to submit as many questions as there are rankings for which you are competing. The rankings will be compiled weekly on the basis of the applications received.

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