Agrigento, sit-in for the Kurds (ft)


There were about a hundred Agrigento people who staged a si-in for the Kurdish people last night.

Representatives of the most varied Associations were present, parties like "Article One" represented by its president Angelo Capodicasa and then the former senator Lauricella, the councilor Pd Gerlando Riolo, the pentastellati deputy Michele Sodano, the former senator Vittorio Gambino, the lay Comboni Missionaries, the former municipal councilor Beniamino Biondi, in short, a part of the variegated galaxy that once called itself left and that in this circumstance was not exclusively sinister.

All appeals are addressed to the government and mainly concern the sale of arms to Turkey to which the Italian war industry is an "excellent" exporter.

The emphasis is mainly on this inveterate economic diplomatic hypocrisy of our governments but we are aware that in a short time nothing will be done, perhaps we will be able to cancel the …

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