Agrigento, securing the viale della Vittoria area

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The geological surveys in preparation for the completion of the geological report and the final and executive design have started: the loan granted to the Municipality amounts to one hundred thousand euros

AGRIGENTO – The municipal administration of the mayor Francesco Micciché has announced what has been defined without too many words a important step forward for the resolution of the serious situation of the north-west side of the buildings in Viale della Vittoria named Create.

Work started on geological surveys

The company in charge, Sidercem, has started the works for the geological surveys preparatory to the completion of the geological report and the definitive and executive design of the safety of the area, which also includes the slope below the Via Picone, “subjected to hydrogeological risk R4 / R3 and hazard P4 / P3 “.

The competent offices, headed by Alberto Avenia, have completed the procedures for the definitive award of the specialist services financed by the Ministry of the Interior for a total sum of 103,879.23 euros.

“Get to the heart – they commented the mayor Micciché and the councilor for civil protection, Gerlando Principato – the start of the planning coordinated by Rup Francesco Vitellaro, which will allow to carry out the works foreseen in the Po-Fesr 2014-2020 of the Agrigento Urban Agenda, to be completed by December 2023 “.

“A piece of news – added the two administrators of the City of Temples – which comforts many families who have been reporting danger for years.
The consolidation interventionsfrom the east corner of the Crea building to the extreme north-west corner in correspondence with via Picone, represent a continuity to those carried out by the regional civil protection on the slope located north of viale della Vittoria, after the landslide event in March 2014 “.

The work, as specified by the Municipality, will combine the safety measures with bulkheads with a naturalistic engineering intervention (provision of planting of suitable tree species), as well as with the installation of gratings and fascinate to increase the surface stability of the slope.

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