Agrigento ring road, the public debate continues in Favara

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The initiatives of the Public Debate project on the Agrigento ring road, promoted by Anas Spa, continue.
Everything is ready for the thematic tables that will take place on 8 July, at 9.30 am, in the spaces of Palazzo Miccichè, at the Farm Cultural Park in Favara. Four tables at the same time, each coordinated by a moderator of the company “Strategic Team of Planning”, within which participants will be invited to make their own contribution on the subject by following Open Space Technology, a methodology that allows you to create particularly inspired and productive working groups.

This is an innovative approach in which people will quickly produce a summary document.
The topics addressed will be: the protection of the landscape and cultural heritage, traffic and transport, the territory and the environment, production activities.
The idea is to submit the various design alternatives on the Agrigento ring road to the stakeholders of the territory, making them active protagonists of the Public Debate.

During the round tables the technical, environmental, social and economic-financial aspects of the project proposals will be evaluated.
The moderator will report in plenary session on the results that emerged at each table.
The instant report will be a document with deeds and reports which, in addition to its practical usefulness, become testimony of a job done and guarantor of the commitments made.
In fact, indications will emerge that will make it possible to identify the best design solution for the new Agrigento ring road.
The final choice will be the one that will best meet the needs of all those involved, and in particular of the local communities directly affected by the work.
The Tangenziale of Agrigentoonce completed, will contribute to the economic and social development of multiple communities and will offer an important service for the mobility of people and goods, safe, innovative and promoter of a development model oriented towards environmental and social sustainability.
To follow the activities of the Public Debate it will be possible to register on the portal, where thematic forums on the project andSend information, proposals, requests for information and clarifications on the project and on the Public Debate to the email address:
Consult the social networks (facebook, twitter, youtube) of the public debate.

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